Authenticity is the Key to Creating Engagement with Your Email List

In part 2 of our series on engaging with your list of email subscribers I cover the subject of authenticity.

It’s a situation that’s probably familiar to many of us – we become so stuck in the pursuit of growing our business that we forget the need to be authentic.

It’s important to maintain a professional tone when composing our emails.  Keep the focus on business but don’t forget to include some authentic elements as you engage your audience.  Don’t forget the basic business principle that people will buy from people that they know, like and trust.

How can we expect people to know, like and trust us if we leave out the authentic ‘us’ and stick to the serious, sterile facts?  The reality is that we can’t.  People tend to gravitate towards people that they feel have a common set of beliefs, people that they think hold similarities.  Simon Sinek provides a good analogy in the first 12 minutes or so of this video.

Your audience will feel more connected to you if they see sides of you that they can relate to and recognise within themselves.  By being authentic you can increase the know, like and trust factors.  Here are some great ways to achieve that authenticity:

Use your authentic voice when writing your emails

When singer Moby finally met Neil Young he said that it ruined 20 years of songs because Young wasn’t the same person that he appeared to be from a distance.  Writing your emails in a “voice” that reflects who you are is vital to building know, like, and trust.  When your prospects, followers, fans, or clients meet you, they should feel like they already know you and you show up the same in writing as you do in person.  If you are funny, use humour in your emails.  If you have a quirk or something unusual about yourself then don’t hide it.

Start a theme with your weekly email

Start a theme that your tribe can relate to and begin to depend on.  As an example you could share what you got up to over the past weekend in your Monday email or ask readers if they have any plans for the weekend in your Friday email.  If there’s a particular TV show that you watch then share anecdotes to engage and entertain your readers.

Keep it real but keep it in perspective

Don’t allow your authenticity to get out of hand.  Remember that you are the leader of your tribe.  People are coming to you because you are the expert.  They expect you to be holding yourself together.  While it’s okay to share difficult issues, those things that didn’t go as well as you’d hoped, the things that pushed your buttons or got you upset, it’s wise to keep these things to a minimum.  People want to relate to you but it you’re overly negative, hostile or grouchy you may find yourself with a tribe of unhappy followers and people unsubscribing from your emails.

Use images, videos, and other media to show your authenticity

By sharing images and videos you can convey meta messages and non-verbal information to your tribe.  These types of media can help to send important messages and increase your attraction.  People who resonate with what you share will feel connected and are more likely to engage and buy and will think of you when they have a choice between you and your competition.

Being authentic is an important aspect of engaging your email list.  The more your followers know, like, and trust you, the more primed they are to buy from you and to refer you to their circle of influence.  Use your skills to share and engage and start a two-way relationship with the people on your list.

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