Developing Know, Like, and Trust Through Opt-Ins

Driving down a major high street, there are likely three or four options for a burger. Which one do you choose? The one you know, like, and trust.

Building loyalty comes from repeated positive exposure. Chances are you tasted a burger from each establishment and over time came to a conclusion that you preferred one over the others. Having positive and pleasing experiences set one place apart from the others and created a sense of loyalty and preference that makes it easy to decide who gets your time and your burger money.

It’s the same with websites. There are many providers offering content. Chances are, customers are sampling bits from each, and their loyalty will go to the provider who generates repeated positive experiences for them. That’s where the opportunity lies.

Opt-ins offer free content that gives your visitors – and those who sign up for more content – a clear and consistent taste of who you are and what you have to offer. The more you offer, the clearer things are. This builds the know, like, and trust needed to get the sale and the repeat business.

Each time you create a new opt-in and content, you have created a new way for people to get to know you. You can also offer this content to those already on your list and waiting to hear more from you. The frequency and quality of these touch points can set you apart from the competition and help your voice raise higher than the chatter out in the blogosphere.

Consider these things when building know, like, and trust:

Put your brand front and center: Don’t assume people will remember who you are. Be sure to use your branding and remind people how to reach you. In times past, advertisers used jingles to create songs that played in the listeners head long after the commercial was over. Do what you can to keep your branding memorable and make it easy to link back to your site, products, and services.

Be authentic with your voice: Knowing and liking who you are is the first step in attracting customers. Your opt-ins and your content should truly reflect who you are and how you operate. There should be no disconnect between your online presence and your content. People resonate with those with similar values, self-expression, and style. Be obvious with who you are so the right people are easily attracted to you and your message.

Be consistent and dependable: Know, like, and trust is built over time. One good bit of content won’t guarantee loyalty. Occasional offerings won’t stop people from opting out of your list either. Be consistent and dependable with frequent and high-quality content to ensure your traffic and your engagement grows.

In the same way you developed a preference for your favorite burger, your customers will determine who they go to for products and services. Use your opt-ins to consistently share high-quality information that helps them get to know you, really like you, and trust that you are the answer to their problems.

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