Do’s and Don’ts for Opt-In Creation

Opt-ins are vital for growing your email list. Once you’ve got a list, you’ve got an invitation to send information and make sales to people who have asked to hear more from you. Creating clever and value-based opt-ins is key to keeping someone on your list because it’s as easy to unsubscribe as it is to subscribe – bear that in mind. Here are some do’s and don’ts for creating compelling opt-ins for new and existing traffic:


Do: Create meaningful content that solves one problem
Do: Upcycle from past content
Do: Use social media to expand your reach

One problem, one solution: Your opt-in should lead to content that is laser-focused on one issue and one solution. People can get overwhelmed with too much content and if they are just getting to know you, may not have the attention span to stick with too much information. Focus on one issue and offer one solution in a concise manner. In this case, less is more.

Use previous high-quality content: You’ve created a lot of content through the years; don’t let it go to waste. Upcycle your content and create new value for your opt-ins. Condensing, reworking, or repackaging your previous content makes it fresh and new for a brand new audience.

Catch them on Pinterest and Instagram: When applicable, use social media as a way to lead people to your opt-in. Expanding your reach through a clever platform can add new dimensions to your content. Pin a relevant image to Pinterest with a link back to your opt-in or share an important blurb on Instagram with a link in your profile. Using social media as an additional form of outreach is a clever way to expand your opt-in potential.


Don’t: Bait and switch
Don’t: Offer too much information
Don’t: Forget to ask for an action

Say what you mean and mean what you say: Clickbait won’t win you any fans. Having a clever quip or shocking title that leads to unrelated content will only lead to an unsubscribe and possibly bad reviews. Make sure your opt-in headings and promises are directly connected to the content you provide.

Hold back on too much information: You don’t need to offer a 5,000-word eBook as an opt-in. That is too much for an introduction to your work. Better to focus on high-quality, targeted information that can be easily and quickly consumed.

Go ahead and offer a sale: It’s ok to make an offer in your opt-in. Don’t beat people over the head with it, but certainly make it easy and possible for people to take action if they are ready. Don’t lose an opportunity to earn income whenever you can.

Creating high-value opt-ins is easy when you mind the do’s and dont’s. Create great content and make it available to a wide audience, knowing that the right people will easily find you and be excited about what you offer.

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