What’s in a name?

why bubyli?

The Origins of the Name Bubyli

There’s a saying that goes along the lines of – there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes. I’d like to offer a third – given time, the disk in your computer that holds all your critical business information will fail.

Bubyli is an acronym BackUp Before You Lose It. I pronounce it as bub~i~lee. More often than not I’ll leave the y silent so it sounds like the slang term for champagne – bubbly.

The name has stuck from a business idea I had a few years ago to offer a backup service to businesses. When I got deep into it the business didn’t work from a financial perspective. I didn’t move forward with it but have always kept the domain name.

Looking back to when I first had the idea for the service a hard disk failure was by far the most likely cause for a loss of critical business data but times have changed. We are now presented with new threats. If you’ll remember back to the problems suffered by the NHS in 2017, that was something called a ransomware attack. On that occasion the data on the hard disk was scrambled to the point where it served no useful purpose. The only way to get it back was to pay the criminal a ransom.

The threats today are far greater than when bubyli was initially formed. In my mind the message is as important today as it has ever been – backup your data on a regular basis. Back it up multiple times if possible and keep a copy in a different physical building for ultimate peace of mind.

Bubyli Business Solutions

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