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Social media is one of the best online tools to get more users aware of your Essex-based business. Through creating posts, videos, and other forms of engaging content, you have the potential to reach a wide audience of people and use that content to entice people to purchase from your brand.

Social media has become an essential component of marketing for business, and it seems that every brand is doing it. To help boost the performance of your business, you need to follow suit. The issue is that creating and managing a good, effective social media marketing campaign can be hard and time-consuming. To put it frankly, many small businesses within Essex produce poor quality content due to a lack of experience, know-how, or time.

That’s why it’s wise to seek the assistance of a social media marketing master, such as those at Bubyli. With Bubyli, you’ll be able to transform your social media marketing.

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Our Process

We think that the way we conduct our social media marketing campaigns helps us stand out from the crowd, and in turn, helps your business cut through the noise and get attention from the customers that matter.

We start all our campaigns with an in-depth research phase, doing all we can to learn more about your brand – such as its history, tone of voice, and preferred vocab. This is to help us create content that’s authentic to your brand. This research phase will also include a substantial analysis of your target audience. With this, we’ll learn more about their interests, pain points, the platforms they’re more active on, and more. All of this is to inform our strategy and work out the best way to engage them.

Each week we will post unique content on your chosen platforms. Our content will be creative, fun, and match your brand completely. When you work with us, you’ll always have the ability to pre-approve content prior to it being uploaded, and you’ll always be kept in the loop of what we’re doing.

Each month we can also provide an analysis report of the process so that you can visually see how our social media efforts are affecting your performance online. This is a great way to track the process and visually see your business grow.

Our Services

We offer three distinct packages at Bubyli: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All our services are fantastic with no difference in quality between them. Instead, the difference between these tiers is the number of posts created and the number of platforms we’ll be posting on. Regardless of if you get the Bronze or Gold package, it will all make a great improvement to your brand.

Bronze – 3 posts per week on up to 2 social media platforms.

Silver – 5 posts per week on up to 4 social media platforms.

Gold – 7 posts per week on up to 6 social media platforms.

Multiple growth add-ons can be added to any of the packages (the gold package includes one). We will grow the followers on your Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts using real people to engage with your target audience.  No fake followers and no bots.

Digital marketing is not just the future of business; it’s the present, with social media marketing being one of the cornerstones of business marketing when online. Get your social media marketing right from the start by using our social media marketing and management service.

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