The Dangers of One-and-Done Opt-Ins

Creating an engaging website is time-consuming. A lot of thought goes into the design of a commerce or blog site – even when using a theme. Once the site is complete, it would be wonderful if you could simply post content here and there and sit back and watch your analytics increase over time. That’s simply not the case. 

Building a website and keeping it current is a fluid and ongoing aspect of online business. Outside of choosing your business name, there really aren’t any one-and-done elements of a website. Most effective websites require fresh updates and new content to keep business trending upward and engaging new and returning visitors.

Your opt-in is a prime example of one of the elements of a website that should be updated regularly. Creating one opt-in on the sidebar and a pop up for new visitors isn’t going to cut it. Opt-ins attract new customers and are an open invitation to add people to your list which means they want to hear from you. Doing all you can to increase the number of people opting into your offers should be a very important part of your business plan.

Failing to change up your opt-in sends messages to customers you may not have considered. Messages like:

  • There’s nothing new coming from this website
  • This web owner isn’t active and might not be the best resource for my needs
  • This site doesn’t have a variety of goods, services, or products and isn’t adding any value for what I need

Note: You wouldn’t shop at a store that never updated its displays, so why wouldn’t you update the visual aspects of your virtual store?

Creating fresh content and offering resources to new visitors and your existing community is key to engagement, sign-ups, and sales. There’s no such thing as a one-and-done way to do that.

Creating new content and new opt-ins doesn’t have to be hard. There are lots of ways to get people excited about opting in for your freemium and paid-for content. Take a look:

Easy ways to switch up your opt-in offers

  • Offer a checklist
  • Create a report
  • Supply a solution to a common problem
  • Allow access to exclusive content
  • Create a quiz or test that generates an exciting outcome for the quiz-taker

There really are unlimited ways to engage new and existing visitors to your blog or website. It’s just a matter of creativity and consistency. Make opt-in content creation a regular part of your business action plan and watch your engagement grow.

You’ll find part 2 of this series on using opt-in’s to grow your business here.

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