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Do I need a website?

You’re probably aware that the vast majority of people will turn to the internet to find companies that are relevant to their needs; the days of the phone book are far behind us. If your business hasn’t got its own website then you’re missing out on the potential to gain new customers.

A business website should be seen as a vital component of any business irrespective of size. It should act as the shop window to your business, providing information to your potential customers 24 hours a day. In fact, the absence of a website may negatively affect your customers’ perception of your business.

It’s quite surprising then that research carried out by B2B comparison site Approved Index last year highlighted the fact that there are nearly 2 million small and medium enterprises (SME) who do not have a website. They attached some numbers to those businesses showing just how much money they’re potentially losing by not having a website and quite frankly the numbers are astounding.

By far the largest proportion of the SME market without a website are those with no employees (sole proprietors or a self-employed owner/manager). It’s understandable when considering the costs involved in starting and running a business that a website gets pushed to one side and that could be a false economy. When done properly a business website has the potential to return that initial investment many times over.

We build our websites on WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular platform for building websites. At the last count, nearly 30% of all websites globally were running on WordPress. Its popularity stems from the fact that, as a content management system, it’s easy to work with. It has a familiar interface (something akin to Microsoft Word or Google docs if you’re familiar with those) so once a website is built it’s super simple for the client to create new content and add it to the website. And WordPress makes sure that the formatting of that content is consistent with the rest of the site so the new content looks great.

If you already have a website is it mobile friendly?

Around the middle of 2015 Google made some changes to the way it ranks websites, the effect being that if a website isn’t mobile friendly then Google will penalise the site and place it lower in the rankings.

Google have very kindly provided a tool that will test your website for mobile-friendliness. You can find the tool here. Check your website and if it doesn’t pass the test then talk to us and we’ll advise you on what needs to be done.

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