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Online advertising methods like pay-per-click (PPC) can help your business reach targeted customers quickly and affordably. If you want to drive new traffic to your website, increase enquiries and sales, PPC is a cost-effective method that delivers a great return on investment when managed by an experienced professional. One way to start a paid advertising campaign online is by using a PPC platform like Google Ads. This platform gives you fast access to premium advertising spaces on the Google search engine, helping you beat the competition and win new sales. And working alongside our Essex based PPC agency we’ll help to deliver the results for you.

What is Google AdWords PPC?

Google AdWords, now known simply as ‘Google Ads’, is the PPC advertising platform from the Google search engine. It allows you as a business to buy premium search engine listings for targeted key phrases related to your product or service. Most people are aware of Google Ads as the ‘Sponsored Links’ area of Google.

PPC is based on a cost per click model, rather than cost per impressions, or any other advertising payment model. This means that every time a visitor clicks on your advertisements, you pay a fee based on your budget. Since Google Ads works on a bidding system, the level of competition will fluctuate the cost at any given moment.

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How can your business benefit from Google AdWords management?

Google Ads is an effective way to generate a lot of targeted visitor traffic quickly. Either in isolation or as part of a wider digital marketing strategy, it is a proven method that can kick-start and sustain your online promotion efforts.

As a platform, Google Ads offers many advantages over other digital and traditional advertising channels. This makes it a highly attractive and instant way to drum up new visitors to your website. The major benefits are discussed below:

Precise targeting of customers

Running a PPC campaign with Google Ads allows you to precisely target customers based on what they are actually searching for to find your product or service. You can delve even deeper with numerous targeting options, such as targeting people based on location, demographics, time of the day, device types, and more.

You can target multiple keywords at once and run experiments to see what works best for your budget, traffic, and conversion rate. Tools like Google’s Keyword Planner can be used by a marketing professional to identify the best keywords to target to meet the requirements of your marketing and business goals.

Favourable payment model

A standout advantage of a Google Ads campaign is that you are in complete control of your advertising budget. You can run adverts for as long as you wish, pause them, start and stop whenever you feel the need. This has significant benefits in that you can adapt to changing business demands and seasonal highs and lows.

What’s more, since you only pay when a prospect clicks on your advertisement, PPC is more cost-effective than other forms of paid advertising. The return on investment is also typically higher, especially if PPC is combined with website optimisation practices, such as A/B testing, copywriting, and page loading improvements.

Competition advantages

Implementing a PPC marketing campaign can help you to leap-frog the organic (natural) search engine listings and appear more prominently in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Appearing higher in the listings allows you to beat your competitor’s rankings and improve the overall visibility of your business website.

Even if your competition is already utilising PPC, a digital marketing expert can help your business better target your core keywords and ensure greater value for money, giving you improved customer reach and economic advantages. PPC optimisation such as this becomes even more important in highly competitive industries.

Data and results-driven

One of the key advantages of advertising with Google Ads is that you have instant access to statistical data related to your campaign. This allows you to make better business decisions based on real data. Other forms of marketing, such as print advertising and direct advertising, cannot generate such valuable insights.

Additionally, Google Ads tools, such as the Keyword Planner, allow you to research the most appropriate keywords, key phrase, and combinations to target. You can pinpoint the keywords that are working well and identify those that fail to convert. With the help of a PPC professional, this can help you gain a superior ROI.

How does our Google PPC process work?

Before we begin working on your Google Ads campaign, the first stage is to find out as much as we can about your business objectives and advertising requirements. Identifying this information early on ensures we can craft a winning PPC campaign.

In particular, our PPC agency strives to deliver noticeable improvements in targeted website traffic and a significant increase in sales leads over time. Part of this process involves ensuring you gain the best ROI possible to justify your advertising spend. Continual and careful campaign monitoring ensures we limit wastage as much as possible.

All our Google Ads campaigns include the following elements:

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Strategic Business Research

In the first instance, we undertake a detailed examination of your business goals, company website, and existing marketing approach. We look at your industry, the level of competition, potential opportunities, then develop a PPC strategy based on this information. We ensure you are involved at each stage of strategy development.

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Implementation of PPC Campaign

The next step is to start the implementation. If you have a previous PPC campaign, we will fully review it and make changes to improve your advertising outcomes. Alternatively, we can set up a brand new campaign from scratch. This stage will also involve establishing your PPC budget and key performance indicators.

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Keyword Research & Planning

Keywords and keyphrases form the backbone of all Google Ads campaigns. We start with your business type and industry, then use advanced research tools to find the best and most relevant keywords to target. All keywords are carefully analysed so we can ensure your campaign delivers the best return on investment possible.

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Advert Writing

Once we have a thorough idea of all the keywords we wish to target, we will write a series of PPC advertisements to promote your product or service. Having multiple advertisements running at once allows us to judge the best performing advert text and heading combinations. These are tracked in the Google Ads control panel.

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Advert Extensions

If we feel your PPC adverts would benefit from additional information or functionality, we may advise on implementing an advert extension. Extensions include (but are not limited to) FAQs, additional text, telephone number, price, and even location information. In most cases, they drive extra clicks and bolster lead generation.

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Shopping Adverts

Part of our PPC service also includes devising shopping PPC campaigns to generate traffic from visitors who are ready to buy. By promoting individual products, your PPC adverts will generate better outcomes and increased performance. Shopping ads can also be used in conjunction with extensions that highlight prices and discounts.

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Tracking & PPC Optimisation

Once your Google Ads campaign has started and you are generating clicks, we keep a close eye on all aspects of the campaign and make adjustments as necessary. We continually fine-tune your advertisements, keyword combinations, and bid amounts to achieve the maximum impact within your allocated budget.

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Reporting & Success Measurement

As well as tracking and optimising, we also generate regular reports for you to see at a glance how your campaign is performing. These reports also include an overview of what we have done throughout each campaign period. We can generate many other types of reports to gauge success as and when you require them.

Advantages of Google Ads management

Google Ads campaigns require the keen oversight of a professional PPC specialist to achieve the best results. With a dedicated account manager and careful planning, your paid advertising will achieve the maximum impact and return on investment based on your available budget, helping you meet or exceed your marketing goals.

Without a clear strategy, optimum implementation, and clear analysis and reporting, your advertising budget can be wasted or underperform. It is important to not only plan out the campaign but also to keep a close eye on it, making adjustments where necessary. This way, you can react to market changes and secure new leads.

As part of our full Google Ads management service, we work closely with you to understand the challenges your business faces. We are realistic on what can be achieved and always strive to be transparent and provide added value, whether that is helping to fine-tune your landing pages or advise on your wider search marketing.


Pay-per-click advertising via Google Ads or any other platform, such as Bing Ads, is an effective way to generate consistent, targeted visitors to your website. With a well-designed landing page that can convert visitors into customers, PPC can provide great value for money and a substantial return on investment. That said, a dedicated PPC manager and strategy is required to gain the most out of the channel. For more information on how PPC can help your business, please get in touch with us today to speak to a specialist advisor. We look forward to working with you!

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