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Every business that wants to thrive online needs a great website. A good, well-designed website with fast loading speeds, sophisticated UX, and an effective call-to-action can increase the number of transactions and sales your business makes and boost your reputation.

The catch is that building a great website from scratch takes a huge deal of experience and knowledge, a knowledge that not every business owner will have. Due to this fact, many businesses have turned to web-hosting and web building services, with WordPress being the most popular of them all.

In fact, WordPress dominates this industry, with 40% of all websites on the internet being powered by this platform. It’s easy to see why. WordPress offers website creators amazing customisation options, an easy-to-use interface, and plugins that can help boost performance and make SEO implementation easier.

However, WordPress’s popularity has made it a huge target for hackers and those with malicious intent. It’s estimated that millions of WordPress websites are exploited a month, being either completely compromised or partially damaged. This is something that we address here at Bubyli.

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Protecting Your WordPress Website

WordPress is an amazing tool for building a presence on the web, but it can’t be compared to a dedicated website manager. Unlike hiring a website manager, the maintenance and protection of your website and domain are largely down to you when you use WordPress.

For users who are unaware of this, it can lead to many key updates being ignored, making your website more vulnerable. Issues such as using outdated themes, plugins that are not updated, and an out-of-date WordPress Core can leave your website being open to sophisticated and modern viruses and malware.

Getting struck by a website attack can be disastrous for your business, as it can lead to a significant period of downtime where you’re unable to make transactions and sales, impacting your profits. Plus, your website can hold a lot of sensitive information within its code. A successful hacking attempt can compromise this data, making your business less trustworthy impacting your future brand appeal.

Thankfully, here at Bubyli, we have come up with a plan to support you and ensure that you’re using WordPress to its highest capabilities.

How Bubyli Helps

We offer a service that can keep your WordPress websites safe and enhance their performance. Our wide array of protection and management considers multiple situations and is thus one of the most complete WordPress support services on the web.

Our management services provide daily Cloud Backups of your documents and uploads, meaning that you’re protected if you are hacked. However, that’s less likely when we manage your website, as we provide monthly updates on your plugins, themes, and WP Core. We also use advanced security like firewalls and malware scans, not to mention a whole host of SEO audits and optimisation services.

For WordPress sites that need extra attention, we also offer comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation and Website Speed packages to help your website rank better and perform more optimally.

Here’s a full overview of what’s included:

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WordPress is an industry leader in the website creation industry. Protect your website with our WordPress Management and Support Service, and see how we can help your website soar in the rankings.

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